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*FREE* Cut The Crap and Find Your Perfect Weight :

Deborah Morgan,: Cut The Crap and Find Your Perfect Weight : Why it's Not Your Fault You're Fat!

Cut The Crap and Find Your Perfect Weight : Why it's Not Your Fault You're Fat!


Weight gain is an imbalance and the imbalance is a result of an over-acidic mind and body. Conventional diets address the symptom (fat) and perpetuate the problem of being overweight. Deborah Morgan's Cut The Crap program is unique because it examines the cause of excess weight (over-acidifi cation) and teaches you how to eradicate it for life by changing fi rst your mind - stress being one of the most fattening emotions - and then your body. Cut The Crap is a no-nonsense, simple approach to easy weight loss and long-term weight management. Learn which emotions make you fat Stop being a fat maker and become a fat burner Understand why diet foods are designed to make you fat and why ALKALINE foods make you slim. Discover the truth about your foods and the hidden lies of food manufacturers Understand how to eliminate ACID and lose weight easily. STOP DIETING and lose weight permanently!

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Author: Deborah Morgan,
Number of Pages: 170 pages
Published Date: 06 Dec 2011
Publisher: Rethink Press
Publication Country: Gt Yarmouth, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9781907498855
Download Link: Click Here

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